Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Red Circle Lenses: Perfect for Party & Halloween

Be energetic and funky with red big eye circle lenses at Halloween to be the show-stopper. Red circle lenses possess special kind of energy that is the choice of all the evils. Be a demon, vampire or a wicked-witch. Red big eye circle lenses foretell the story of frightening happenings.

The specialty of red big eye circle lenses lies in their dual nature. They are multi-functional. Not only they are ideal for occasions like Halloween but you can also wear them on memorable events. Your first date, your first wedding anniversary or your high school’s bonfire- Every event, every occasion that enjoys a special position in your life appreciates sexy red eyes with red big eye circle lenses.

Dolly Eye Twilight red circle lenses are one of the most selling model since the color payoff is magical, bright and very strong. The enlarging effect is worth-dying for. The pattern is simple with a solid dark black limbal ring. The ring creates a stunning contrast when amalgamates with the brightness of dolly eye twilight red.

I Fairy Dolly Red circle lenses is another vivid pair of red circle lenses with which you have freedom to go crazy and wild. These help you create amazing cosplays- cosplays that will make everyone spell-bounded.

The enchantment of red circle lenses can’t be explained in words. I.Fairy Ruby red circle lenses has a pattern of blood-streaks dancing around the iris. This may be a perfect pair for vampire costume or for a little riding hood. Create spider woman eyes or get voluptuous beauty for any special occasion with I fairy ruby red circle lenses.

Sharingan circle lenses are fun to wear which are available in several Naruto clan’s patterns. The sharingan circle lenses are hot-selling Halloween circle lenses with super comfort and a bright contrast of black and red. Show your evil side with red circle lenses and have fun transforming your eyes at Halloween!


  1. Werent the lenses shown in picture 1 RED? they are looking freaking brown today >_<

    1. Yes, it showed red in laptop but the color changed when it was uploaded to blogspot... >.<""