Monday, 7 October 2013

Big Eye Contact Lenses: I Fairy Almond Brown Circle Lenses

I.Fairy Almond brown circle lenses have a pretty simple design with a thick black outer ring that enhances the almond brown even more. These almond brown big eye contact lenses from I fairy are super natural for dark brown eyes and create a lovely natural big eye look as they blend well with browns. I fairy almond brown circle lenses possess a 16.2 mm diameter and have 55% water content that makes them comfortable for your eyes.

Following rating has been provided by Michelle for I fairy almond brown big eye contact lenses.

Design: 5/5

Enlargement :5/5, Perfect for dolly eye look

Comfort :5/5

For makeup looks and real life pictures read the review of I.Fairy Almond brown big eye contact lenses

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