Friday, 11 October 2013

Safe Halloween for Kids I Tips for Safe Halloween

Stay away from roads with heavy traffic and swarm only your neighborhood and areas you are well-aware of.

Alwayswalk around with an adult or under the supervision of an elder family member.

Feed friends with nutritious treats. Only accept and offer factory-wrapped treats instead of homemade treats.

Enable drivers see you in dark by fastening glow-in-the dark stickers on the front and back of your costume. Carry a glowing stick with yourself to be seen.

Kick start your Halloween with these KIDS’ DIY Halloween decorations
Ignition-free and flame resistant costume and accessories should only be used.
Do not leave candle-lit pumpkins and other luminaries unattended. Do not place them near curtains
S’afety should be ensured by providing children with a cell-phone for an instant communication.

Haunt others; but not at the risk of your life. Wear well-fitted shoes and costumes to avoid being tripped.

Always wear Halloween crazy lenses to accentuate your costume but only if you are a “Teen-Ager” and are accustomed to wearing big eye circle lenses and contact lenses already.

Law enforcement authorities should be informed as soon as you notice any kind of suspicious activity

Limping or staggering should be avoided; since it slows down your walking speed and you may be left behind. Always stay in groups to lower down the risk of being lost in the dark.

Only walk in the well-lit streets. Always carry a torch with you and use it effectively. Avoid walking with lit-candles in hands.

Wet leaves, snow and other obstacles should be removed from sidewalks and pathways for an easy walk at Halloween.

Ensure your safety and use only soft, flexible and short knives, daggers and other weapons if required.

Enable safe breathing; avoid wearing face masks. Instead go for face painting to look like a little cute ghoul.

Never run from house to house. Never accept rides from strangers and never trick or treat with someone; you do not know

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