Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Halloween Fairy” Makeup Look using Saber tooth Black Sclera Lenses

The most anticipated day of the year has come today with all the packed thrill, excitement and fear-factor. This night is going to be a nightmare for many whilst for others it will be edgy and fun to wander-out late like ghouls and ghosts. Halloween is all about “Scary Halloween makeup looks and Costume Ideas”. Using Halloween circle lenses you will sure send chills and goose-flesh to the on-lookers.

Since it is Halloween today; our Makeup Artist “CherryBomb” has created an “EXCLUSIVE HALLOWEEN LOOK” with crazy sclera lenses. Before you could venture with your crazy sclera lenses; learn to wear sclera lenses in three easy steps.

The following makeup Look has been created with “Phantasee Black Sclera Sabretooth Lenses”

Step 1:
Pick a bright red eye shadow; it should be highly pigmented and intense. Apply it on your eye lid and blend. Apply generously.

Step 2:
Pick a black eye shadow from your smokey eye shadow palette and apply it on your lid’s lower area as shown in the picture. Use a shadow brush and go soft from your inner corner of eyes to outer corners. Blend well. This should create a sun-set like look of a stormy-night.

Step 3:
Using black liquid eyeliner; make a line on your lid and extend it to your outer corners. You can make a thick or thin line as per your taste. For small eyes, a thick line will do a good job; since it makes your eyes look big.

Step 4:
Take a soft white eye pencil and apply it on your tear-ducts. Apply twice or thrice until you get the desired results. The white chalkiness on your lower lash-lines will make your eyes look big and wide to divert attention to the crazy sclera lenses you are wearing.

Step 5:
Using a soft smudge proof black eye pencil; draw a wild smile over your lips. Extend your lip line towards your ears. Now using the same black pencil; draw the canine teeth all-over. Fill in the spaces using white pencil as shown in the picture.

Step 6:
Apply false eye lashes and shape your brows. Dye your hair red to compliment the look or wear a wig alternatively. Contour your face and get high check-bones. Apply blush or get a sun-kissed look using a gold-peachy bronzer. Accessorize yourself accordingly and you are ready to rock out! Hang on; don’t forget to choose your favorite crazy Halloween circle lenses for an edgy look!


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