Monday, 21 October 2013

Wild Eyes with Crazy Sclera Lenses : Sclera Circle Lenses

Halloween is the most anticipated occasion around the globe since this provides a room to show your creativity gruesomely. People take help of crazy circle lenses for setting a stage to Halloween. Some people go wicked with amazing special effect Halloween circle lenses and some prefer to go even ahead with crazy sclera lenses.

Crazy sclera lenses have a 22mm diameter that covers your eyes fully but do not compromise on the quality of the product and safety of your eyes. The special hydrogel material keeps your eyes breathing all the while you wear crazy sclera lenses.

Check out black sclera sabretooth lenses. You will stay bewildered with the total blackout effect that defines what “a true-possessed being” looks like. The excellent color payoff is unparalleled and eye-catching.

With red sclera crazy cyclop lenses you get amplified eyes which aghast everyone; trying to build an eye contact with you. Make everyone unnerve and tongue-tied with special Halloween red lenses and enjoy discovering your hidden powers.

With crazy sclera lenses you have the opportunity to become as wild as you wish for. The creativity with crazy sclera lenses exceeds to infinity. This is why crazy sclera lenses are bewitching Halloween accessory for your costume.
If you are reluctant to wear crazy sclera lenses you can always insert sclera lenses in 3 easy steps to let the magic begin!Violet crazy sclera lenses let you be the cute vampire child. The ring pattern produces an illusionary effect that adds to the magical charm of crazy sclera lenses.

Phantasee crazy sclera lenses are available in various designs and patterns with which you can generate amazing Halloween costume ideas. Be a vampire, zombie, death-eater or dementor- show your love to your favorite fiction using crazy sclera circle lenses. If on the other hand you want crazy contact lenses with less than 22mm diameter then pick yours from crazy Halloween circle lenses.

Disclaimer: All the pictures are the property of our official makeup artist “Cherrybomb81”. We do not claim the ownership of the pictures used in this post.

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