Monday, 14 October 2013

8 Steps-“The Corpse Bride” Makeup Tutorial Using GEO CPF-1 Circle Lenses

Halloween is almost here with all the packed wickedness. Halloween is always blessed with terror and spookiness. This is the most anticipated occasion we all wait for enthusiastically all the year round. It is all about going crazy with blood and flesh, mighty swords and blood-drenching vampires etc.

Halloween circle lenses play a pivotal role in the creation of all mind-blowing Halloween makeup. Halloween crazy circle lenses totally change your looks and with proper Halloween makeup; you are sure to rock your Halloween gathering. You might have finished planning your Halloween preparations and costumes by now. However; if you are still blank and do not count yourself as a professional makeup artist then Holly Molly! Here we are with yet another fresh Halloween Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Fasten your seat belts; it is Emily- your favourite character from the movie “Corpse Bride”. Scroll down for the tutorial steps.

IMPORTANT: You will need GEO CPF1 White Out Halloween circle lenses for the Corpse Bride Look. If you haven’t yet booked yours; then place an order for Halloween Circle Lenses at Reduced Fedex Shipping and get them right on time!

Step 1:
Prepare your face for “The Corpse Bride” makeup look by painting it blue. Either make it blue with ordinary face paints or use your regular cosmetics. We have used regular foundation with blue pigment in it. Avoiding eye area; spread the base on your face and blend it well until all the facial skin is completely blue and even-toned. Cover your lips and make them blue too.

Step 2:
Using a jumbo white eye pencil cover your eye lids and surrounding area. Blend it well; and then line your tear duct with the same white pencil. Apply it on the lashes to turn them white as well.

Step 3:
Using a thick eye shadow brush; pick a generous amount of dark blue eye shadow from your makeup pallet and apply it on your both eyes. Don’t forget to trace the crease first as shown in the picture below. Now blend, blend and keep on blending the blue shadow.

Step 4:
Get a pair of false eye lashes. Be careful; the lashes should be very unnaturally lengthy. Apply eye lashes almost at the distance of 1cm from your natural lash line at both upper and lower lids for a wide-eye look.

Step 5:
Now using a contour brush; add some blue details with the same foundation+ blue pigment’s mixture. Try getting a slant nose just like the corpse bride. Shade your nostrils a bit dark blue than the face.

Step 6:
Using a lip brush and a lip shade in “Old Pink”; create fuller lips with an enhanced pout. The upper lip seems to be a bit larger than the lower lip. The central edge is also very angular. Therefore; be very careful whilst adding these details.

Step 7:
Since Emily has defined and high cheek bones; we suggest you to spice up your corpse bride look by going an even a step ahead. Add marks just below the cheek bones with grey, blue and black eye shadow. Finish up these marks by outlining them white.

Step 8:
Dye your hair blue or alternatively use a blue wig. Believe us; the blue wig is going to endorse your “Corpse Bride” Look with perfection!

Before going to the Halloween Convention; don’t forget to accessorize yourself with Corpse Bride accessories. A band made with dry-flowers and a white dress will do the job!

Here is the finished look*_*


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  1. Nice makeup! This totally rock! I was looking for great and awesome Halloween makeup ideas and I found this one and I totally love it. thanks for sharing. Keep it up~!