Thursday, 3 October 2013

Geo Lenses I Geo Super Angel Violet Lenses

Geo Super Angel violet circle lenses transform your look for an instant bright wide and doe-eyed look. These lenses give you a dolly eye effect with a super 14.8 diameter and keep your eyes comforted. In some cases of sensitive eyes; you may need to use eye drops if you aren't used to f wearing big eye circle lenses.

Read the review of GEO Super Angel violet lenses and have a look at these lenses in different lighting conditions.

Now you can get this lenses together with GEO Berry Cessy series @ $35.90 only. Get the GEO Value Package now~

GEO Angel Violet

GEO Angel Blue

GEO Angel Green

GEO Angel Brown

GEO Angel Grey

GEO Berry Cessy Grey

GEO Berry Cessy Brown

GEO Berry Cessy Green

GEO Berry Cessy Blue

GEO Berry Cessy Blue

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