Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cosplay Circle Lenses: An Essential Need of Halloween

Cosplay Circle lenses are costume contact lenses that are also known as “Theatrical contact lenses” or “Special Effect Circle Lenses”. The term “Cosplay Circle Lenses” is derived from “Costume-Play” where people transform themselves into a movie or a cartoon character by wearing dedicated dresses, and by accessorizing themselves accordingly.

“Cosplay Circle Lenses” add the finishing touch to your costume. Since eyes are the most prominent feature of one’s face; without changing them one cannot expect to draw the desired attention. Earlier in movies; unnatural eyes or wild eyes were the master-pieces of computer technology; but now you can actually get your favorite character’s eyes by sporting cosplay circle lenses.

EOS and GEO manufacture some of the best cosplay circle lenses. Highly pigmented, comfortable and available in a huge variety GEO has been leading the industry for past decade. Usually cosplay circle lenses are worn by movie stars or at special occasions like Halloween. At Halloween you can ignite your creativity; since a pair of cosplay circle lenses is enough to spark a wicked costume idea.

Source: Anastasia Shapinga

Cosplay circle lenses are now available even in prescription. There are three different types of cosplay contact lenses. Though they do not intend to correct your vision; the arrival of prescription cosplay circle lenses now allows people with vision-problems to attend costume parties and rock the stage with their exotically evil performance during any stage show. It is however necessary to first study the character of cosplay before choosing cosplay lenses.

If you are new to the world of cosplay; check our “Cosplay Looks” to get “Cosplay Ideas with Cosplay Lenses”.

Submit your cosplay look of Halloween and win a free pair of big eye contact lenses.


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