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DIY Halloween Decorations I 4 Cheap Halloween Decorations

What are your plans for the Halloween 2013? Have not you yet booked your Halloween decorations and Halloween circle lenses? Halloween circle lenses come in variety of designs including crazy zombie circle lenses and the hottest crazy sclera lenses.  Btw, just for the sake of cutting down the costs why not try some DIY Halloween crafts?

There are several DIY inexpensive Halloween crafts that can make your environment spooky by adding spice of terror and horror. No doubt; you do not want to compromise on the quality of your Halloween costumes as attending Halloween parties is the biggest fun of the event. Therefore after spending huge in Halloween costume, makeup, Halloween circle lenses and other accessories why not save some and begin crafting your own unparalleled spooksville through DIY Halloween crafts?

Following are some inspirations taken from “Instructables”. Let’s have fun together and curate some mysterious Halloween crafts.

DIY Halloween Craft No. 1- The Halloween Mummy

Making this cute Halloween mummy is as easy as making a cup of tea- or may be easier than that. For making this mummy you only need a paper cut-out, some toilet paper and a marker to draw the pattern and expressions. It is up to you whether you want your Halloween mummy look cute or terrifying. Go artistic and using your creativity draw expressions after wrapping toilet paper on the mummy’s paper template. You can make your Halloween mummy stand by supporting it with a wooden peg at its back.

Here is a step-by-step Tutorial to making this cuteHalloween mummy craft      

DIY Halloween Craft No. 2-The Instant Jack-o-Lanterns

I salute the creativity who invented this simple jack-o-lantern. Making a real jack-o-lantern needs lots of potential and time which everyone is not interested to spend in. Here is a short cut; so say cheese. Get a bucket full of fresh oranges (go for different sizes). Wash them off properly and using a temporary marker; draw different emoticons on your oranges to make them look like Halloween pumpkins. Spend less time but create massive sets of jack-o-lanterns which you later can present your kids as a treat!

DIY Halloween Craft No. 3- The Glowing Halloween Card

Don’t you find it demonic when in the dark you find strange eyes glowing at you with fierce ghostly expressions? Those monstrous glowing eyes are definitely spine-chilling and may win the game for you. Try this simple Halloween glowing card using small LEDs, batteries and bare paints.

Start with normal paper and pencil. Draw the pattern of Halloween pumpkin and color it orange. Fold the paper like a card and attach batteries with LEDs. Complete the circuit and follow the procedure as shown in the step-by-stepglowing Halloween card tutorial

DIY Halloween Craft No.4- The Halloween Lamp

This is a brilliant idea. You can now create your own spooky lamp by using old useless household items. Get your hands on a wooden crate, and a storm fallen branch which you may easily pick from your backyard. Using same paper template procedure make Halloween symbols like bats and crows and get the cutouts. Paint them black and paste them onto the upper one third area of your wall. Hide a small lamp behind the crate and place big and small pumpkins over and in front the crate.

The Halloween lamp guide explains the procedure in 5 easy steps

We hope you will have fun creating these Halloween decorations. Please share your ideas with us and your creativity deserves appreciation!

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