Saturday, 5 October 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses : Ulzaang & Halloween Makeup with I Fairy Pearl Black Review

I.Fairy Pearl black circle lenses fall into the category of big eye circle lenses that ranges from 15mm diameter to 16+ diameter. I.Fairy Pearl black circle lenses have that huge diameter that make your eyes pop out and bulge with the bold black design that is surprisingly shocking on light colored eyes. Customers' reviews say that I Fairy Pearl black big eye circle lenses may create blending effect on brown eyes; but on light grey/ blue eyes these circle lenses create unnatural looks that may rock your Halloween party or may qualify you for an Ulzaang convention

It is recommended to wear eye makeup with I.Fairy Pearl black big eye circle lenses to tone down the harshness of these lenses.

The following rating was provided by Keikei blog. Please have a look at her review for Halloween and Ulzaang Makeup Looks she has created using I fairy pearl black big eye circle lenses.

Design: 5/5
Simple and bold. Perfect for Ulzaang eyes. Makes a lovely combination with pale skins

Enlargement: 4.5/5
Excellent enlargement. Make you look like dolly or an anime character. These I.Fairy Pearl big eye black circle lenses are recommended for cosplay and anime conventions.

Comfort :5/5
Super comfortable. Do not dry out your eyes

For Halloween Makeup Looks read the review of I.Fairy Pearl black big eye circle lenses.

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