Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sharingan Contact Lenses

Are you a fan of Naruto anime series? And therefore want a sharingan eye for yourself? No worries. We at uniqso provide the best ever sharingan contact lenses. With our collection of sharingan contact lenses, it is no more difficult to impersonate Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi.

Sharingan contact lenses are high on demand these days, as they were given fame by the Naruto series. The Uchiha clan is shown to have an unusual eye condition known as “sharingan” which assist them in their special ninja abilities. Now, you can surprise your friends and scare your foes by having sharingan eyes with our sharingan contact lenses at unmatchable rates anywhere online.

Sharingan contact lenses are available in many varieties and it needs a bit workout from the side of the wearer as to which look he/she is trying to create. If you are trying to cosplay Sasuke Uchiha then you should get a pair of sharingan contact lenses having red iris and two fake pupils. Kakashi contact lenses have red iris and three fake pupils that are submerged into the circular sea of black and white small lines. Other than these two, sharingan contact lenses are also available in Itachi Uchiha Mangekyou.

We stock sharingan contact lenses of different manufacturers such as GEO Medical and Barbie. All sharingan lenses available at our store are Korean origin which we sell at unbeatable prices. Sharingan contact lenses make your eyes look big to enhance the character you are aiming to be. Their diameter is 14.20 mm with 38% water content.

Have fun with and trick your friends with sharingan contact lenses; also double your joys next time you hit any costume party!

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