Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wicked Lady Cosplay Makeup using Super Big Eyes A- Max Red & Ringo Tsukimiya Wig

Black lady is a grown-up and evil version of Chibiusa. She is an evil character from Sailor Moon and her appearance reflects her maleficent nature. To cosplay Black Lady you require 20mm A Max red circle lenses and a pink cosplay wig that is long and frizzy.

Black Lady has huge ruby colored eyes, that shine & reflect light to give her eyes a glossy, tear-full look. Kawayii Super Big A red max circle lenses provide your eyes the ultimate red hot look that a character like Chibi Moon demands for. The outer bold ring gives your eyes an illusion of bold and gorgeous eyes. The color pay off is amazing on dark brown eyes since they are very vibrant and noticeable from a far. 

To cosplay Black Lady; you should get yourself a Black Lady wig. Her hair are long, longer than when she was Chibiusa. Do your hair in heart shaped odango and part your hairs in twin pigtails or leave them open. Ringo Tsukimya Wig is suitable for the cosplay as it is 100% heat-resistant and you can style it the Black Lady way using whatever the tools you may want to. 

Check out Jennifer's Black Lady Makeup tutorial.

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