Friday, 26 September 2014

Natural Looking Green Circle Lenses : Beuberry Do Green on Grey Eyes

Create the illusion of bigger iris with out compromising the comfort of your eyes. Beuberry Do green circle lenses are 16mm in diameter that is solely responsible to create amplified eyes yet very natural looking. Beuberry Do green contact lenses share a very simple pattern that is similar to I.Fairy Dolly+ Series. 

With 55% water content they vow to provide you a very comfortable experience. The outer limbal ring that is black adds innocence to your eyes. They look natural on all eye colors. Beuberry Do green circle lenses are bright in bright lights; however on the other hand- under the room lighting they are one of the most natural looking circle lenses providing dolly enlargement. 

Check out some stunning photos and unboxing of Uniqso packaging in this Beuberry Do Green review.

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