Monday, 15 September 2014

Walking Dead Contact Lenses: 22mm Centurious Sclera Lenses

Walking Dead Contact Lenses: 22mm Centurious Sclera Lenses

Zombies were not really born by a virus on the stage of “The Living Dead”, so have you ever wondered that what it takes to be a “Living Zombie”? Taking out the lives from a human does not take much effort-Just a pair of traditional white zombie circle lenses; and you are done! However, for intimidating looks that hold others numb; you might want to try out Phantasee Centurious Red Sclera Lenses.

The walkers from ‘Walking Dead’ have big rotten eyes which scare away those coming in their way. Unlike traditional zombies, walkers are spotted in broad day light. They do not need spooky locations as their eyes do the job well. With Phantasee Walking Dead Centurious contact lenses, the eyes of the walkers become the greatest visual cue that seems to mute even the bits of life.

Phantasee Centurious red sclera lenses are yellow scleras featuring, “out-bursting veins” that give an impression of rotten eyes. These scary, blood splattering eyes send chills down to your spine and hold others terrorized, dumb-founded and appalled. These 22mm Centurious Walking Dead sclera lenses allow partial vision but completely mask the traces of life and feelings.

For convincing gruesome looks that make you look alike walkers from the ‘Walking Dead;’ get your hair messy and greasy with tons of conditioner. With the help of Walking Dead contact lenses, expert artistic zombie makeup & some fake blood; you definitely can be the most horrific flesh-eating & terror mongering atrocious zombie of the town ever, at this Halloween eve!

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