Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Effective Cleaning of Circle Lenses without Touching your Fingers is Now Possible with Ingenious Contact Lens Case SWOOSH.

 “You are not expected to clean your teeth with your finger so why contact lenses?” asks award winning product development team that has recently launched an innovative contact lens case to safely rinse & disinfect contact lenses.

 A research shows that around 125 million people around the globe wear contact lenses, out of which 93% of people fail to meticulously and diligently cleanse and disinfect their contact lenses. The current disinfecting method of contact lenses is considered improbable because it is time consuming & tedious. This is why, 61% of contact lens wearers never rub their contacts as it adds to the already long process of circle lens disinfection.

Failing to properly cleanse your contact lenses, lead to ocular injuries. Contaminated contact lenses are threat to vision as the bacteria clinging to them may devour human cornea. This increases the risk of severe complications which had needed to be immediately addressed. Coming forward, to deal with the same concerns, engineers behind SWOOSH designed an incredible contact lens case that demonstrates a revolutionary method for disinfection of contact lenses. It supercharges the solution helping to safely & effectively remove the dirt & bacteria accumulation from over the surface of contact lenses.
SWOOSH is a travel friendly contact lens case that consists of reciprocating baskets. You only need to fill them up with the solution of your choice. Just switch it on after placing your contacts in. Let the reciprocating baskets do their task. They induce gentle agitation to the solution which disinfects the contact lenses thoroughly.

No doubt, SWOOSH seems like a promising contact lens case. After it is commercially available to the consumption of mass market then only can it be judged if the device meets the expectation made.

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