Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cosplay Lenses: Butterfly Makeup Tutorial using Cosplay Lenses

Cosplay Lenses are responsible for a “Nay” or “Yay” to your entire cosplay theme. Therefore choosing lenses need great research, time and energy to bring the best of your cosplay circle lenses in the conventions. 

Sara Gulzaib one of our customers created an excellent butterfly makeup tutorial using grey cosplay lenses

Click here for more cosplay ideas and read a guide about “How to choose Cosplay Lenses?”.The look has been created with Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey Circle Lenses. For the Tutorial click here

Cosplay circle lenses are available in different brands and patterns. They may sometime be slightly expensive; so you should always take a good care of your circle lenses and use them wisely. Cosplay is the game of “creativity and concept”. Same is therefore the case with cosplay lenses. The innovation, vibrancy, and unique designs and patterns of cosplay lenses have made this industry a separate outgrowth of circle lenses and color contact lenses now.

With cosplay lenses you enjoy freedom of creating soft and subtle cosplay looks and at the same time you may transform yourself into a devil as per the requirement of your cosplay. Get a monster look with new super big eye cosplay crazy lenses and appall everyone!

If you are also a frequent cosplayer and love to create makeup tutorials then share your tutorials with us to win free pair of circle lenses.

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