Friday, 14 June 2013

Cosplay Lenses: Types of Cosplay Lenses

There are three main varieties in Cosplay Lenses.

1. Cosplay Lenses that make your eyes look super natural either by adding strange colors such as red, white, yellow eyes or by adding scary patterns like slits for a depiction of cat eye, spider web or flames for making your eyes appear like dragon eyes etc.

2. Cosplay Lenses that make your eyes all black, all white or all red etc. Sometimes such cosplay lenses also create an instant bright glow to your eyes. These lenses are often called “Sclera Cosplay Lenses

3. Cosplay Lenses that are specific to character styles; such as Sharingan Lenses, Twilight Lenses or Anime Lenses.

Cosplay Lenses are always an investment since the price may be sometimes up to $100. This does not therefore, come as any surprise if you want to check how these cosplay circle lenses would look on you. 
Simply upload a photo of you and check the effects of cosplay circle lenses.

Cosplay lenses give you maximum chance and freedom to be creative and Uniqso makes it affordable for you. Now you can get cheap cosplay circle lenses if you submit a review at Soompi forum. Here are some crazy circle lenses and wacky cosplay ideas; you may find interesting.

For an unmatchable cosplay theme; it is important to study the character of your cosplay before you place an order for crazy circle lenses/ cosplay/ Halloween circle lenses.

Safety Precautions for Cosplay Lenses
1. Never share your cosplay lenses. Similarly never borrow lenses.
2. Do not try to hand-paint your lenses for a so-called pair of customized cosplay lens
3. DO not sleep in your lenses
4. Always check for the comfort of lenses before you begin your performance.
5. Do not wear UV absorbing lenses as a substitute of UV absorbing eyewear such as your sun glasses and UV absorbing goggles. Longer exposure to UV radiation may cause Cataracts.

We hope that this brief guide has helped you making a decision about choosing your crazy circle lenses. Please submit a tutorial if you are interested to win free cosplay circle lenses or share your pictures with us to win store credit.

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