Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kawayii Super Big Eye Circle Lenses in Brown

You might have heard that the bigger the lenses the more the discomfort; however to your surprise we just launched our new biggest eye circle lens series that is Kawayii super big eye circle lenses. So far we have received positive reviews from around the world. Kawaii super big eye circle lenses in brown are a perfect mocha color and design follow the pattern of humble flames. They are definitely enlarging; suitable for a bit bigger eyes. However if you have small eyes; no worries. Use a double eye lid tip as one of our customer suggested in her review. This will help you keep your eyes opened to show the full size of super big eye circle lenses.

Please read the review. This review contains awesome pictorial comparison of super big eye circle lenses with natural big eye circle lenses. Also she has done commendable efforts to let you know how big these circle lenses will make your eyes!

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