Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Barbie Kira Kira Color Contact Lenses in Brown

"Ordering from Uniqso, I had excellent customer service! Ordering my lenses was fast and easy. By regular shipping, the lenses came to me in about two weeks, and they were packed very safely as to avoid any damage to the lenses and cases. 

Barbie Kira Kira brown circle lenses are SO comfortable! Sometimes I'm weary of lenses with only 38% water content because I'm afraid that they'll become dry on my eyes within a few hours. However, these lenses stayed moist and comfortable on my eyes throughout eight hours of wear, without having to use eye drops. I was afraid that their large size would also be uncomfortable (sometimes larger lenses "tickle" my eyelid/lower eyelid) but I didn't feel these at all! They are also amazingly easy to take out and handle."

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