Thursday, 6 June 2013

Barbie Bella & Diamond 3 Tones Color Contact Lenses Review

This post includes review of barbie diamond three tones blue circle lenses and barbie bella four tones brown circle lenses.

Barbie Bella Four Tones Brown circle lenses are very natural and add a popping effect to the eyes. The pattern is sort of graphic with green and brown combination. Very comfortable and soft; easy to wear without irritation even for straight 10 hours!

Whereas Barbie Diamond Three Tones Blue circle lenses are really very sparky and can be noticed from far. These color contact lenses are very attention grabbing. Enlargement is big and dolly; but I had to use eye drops to wear them for 8 hours!

For pictures in different lightening conditions; click here & here for other variety in color contact lenses and three tones circle lenses.

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