Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Prescription Lenses: Beuberry Natural Hazel Circle Lenses

Beuberry Natural hazel circle lenses are natural as the name shows. They are too natural that no one even notices. I ordered them in prescription since i have eye sight problem and i needed prescription lenses. Find more variety in natural big eye circle lenses.

Enlargement: 5/5 
They gave me a dolly like look with natural enlargement. The enlargement seems as if they are 14mm but they are 16mm which is a plus for me. The outer ring instead of black is dark hazel so these blend well with my natural hazel eyes.

Color :5/5 
These natural hazel circle lenses are my most favorite pair. The color is very transparent and completely disappear when i wear them. I am left only with the naturally enlarged eyes.

Design :5/5 
Design is simple with no intricate details. The dark brown ring is what i fell in love with.

Comfort :3.7/5
Super comfortable with the highest water content in circle lenses i have ever tried i.e; 55%. There are more big eye circle lenses available at uniqso with 55% water content.


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