Monday, 30 September 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Green Circle Lenses: Hot Selling Circle Lenses

Barbie puffy three tone circle lenses are hot selling circle lenses. They are very pigmented, bright and visible. They create amazing looks on almost all type of eyes and the contrast created against all type of hair is stunning. Here is a review of barbie puffy three tone green circle lenses. We are thankful to one of our customer who made this review possible.

Design : 4/5 

Barbie puffy three tone green circle lenses share the design of dolly eye puffy three tone green. This also is a very well known design around the world. They are natural big eye circle lenses and make you look naturally beautiful. Instead of black ring these lenses have an outer ring of the darkest shade of green; so it does not make your eyes look crazy

Color : 5/5

The color is bright and vibrant. Easily noticeable yet pretty natural. The three tones blend in with natural color quite successfully. They make your eyes sparkle.

Comfort : 5/5 

These are very comfortable circle lenses. You do not even feel you have something in your eyes. They are thin and so stay at place perfectly and do not dislodge. You can wear these circle lenses every day for 6-8 hours

Enlargement: 4/5

These are definitely eye enlarging circle lenses. The best thing is that even with 16.2mm ; barbie puffy thee tone circle lenses are natural even though the enlargement is huge; yet your eyes look natural!

For real life pictures of barbie puffy three tones circle lenses check out this review. She has worn these lenses in her cosplay; you do not want to miss this review, right?

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