Saturday, 28 September 2013

Animal Circle Lenses : Teddy Bear Brown Circle Lenses

beuberry teddy bear brown

We have an outstanding variety of animal circle lenses available only for $16.90. Even though they are animal prints; you can wear them in your routine life and in special occasions such as Halloween with proper halloween makeup and costume. 

Below is a review of Teddy Bear Brown Circle Lenses by Emi Doll


Beuberry teddy bear circle lenses come in two other colors; beuberry pink bear circle lenses and beuberry teddy bear grey. But I assume brown is nicer for teddy bears. The design looks similar to the Hanabi series; because the pupil dia is big enough to let my original eye color peep through.It has got little cute teddy bears that more look like pandas and are not very noticeable unless you see carefully in bright light. They therefore look very natural; since the teddy bears appear like tiny black dots only. The brown is not solid brown but appears like beige/orange on my naturally dark brown eyes. The outer rim is thin; giving my eyes a very animated look. For pictures of beuberry teddy brown click here


They are 16mm; but the enlargement seems more like 15mm


Very comfortable; great for photos!

For more pictures and over all ratings read the review of beuberry teddy brown circle lenses or visit our site for huge variety of big eye circle lenses and big eye makeup products. You can now buy circle lenses for as low as $10. Avail 15% discount on circle lenses if you are a first time customer. OR WIN CIRCLE LENSES INSTANTLY! 

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