Thursday, 26 September 2013

Kawaii Makeup Tutorial Using I Fairy Binky Brown Circle Lenses

Tirasmisu's Review:

I created kawaii eye makeup tutorial using I.Fairy Binky Brown Circle Lenses. Please read the review below:

I.Fairy Binky brown circle lenses come with 55% water content. They are two tone circle lenses and the yellow swirls give my eyes the right amount of sparkle. The design is lovely that reminds "bamboo sticks"

Design 10/10
The design is absolutely amazing with yellow swirls that blend with my natural brown eyes and make my eyes shine.

Comfort :10/10
Super comfortable.

Enlargement 10/10
The enlargement is pretty cool. It enlarges  my eyes and adorn them with dolly eye effect. Have a look how did i look with I Fairy binky brown circle lenses.

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