Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kimchi Mermaid Blue Circle Lenses I Blue Contact Lenses

Kimchi series is an inspiration taken from a special side Korean Dish " Kimchi or Gimchi". It is made from various seasonings and vegetables. Kimchi is very spicy and sour. Following the same formula  kimchi circle lenses also spice-up your eyes. The two tones with the hint of spicy yellow adds variation in your eyes and make them look hot. Browse through our gallery of blue circle lenses for more variety

Enlargement: 9/10
The 16.m enlargement enhances your eyes and make them look big with a cute dolly eye effect. If you are afraid of alien effect; have no worries as these kimchi mermaid blue circle lenses will make you look a dolly and not an alien.

Colour and Design :9.5/10

These circle lenses are a wonderful combination of blue and black that may look like purple and black on dark eyes. The pattern is really intricate that seems like water ripples; so the brand is known as "mermaid series". The transition is not very jarring but is still very pretty. These circle lenses would definitely do awesome on light eyes.

Comfort: 9/10

Being high in water content; i do not need to worry when i wear kimchi mermaid circle lenses. They come with 55% of water content hence make it easier for me to wear for longer duration such as for 8-10 hours.

For more information and details on Kimchi mermaid blue circle lenses please have a look at real life pictures of kimchi mermaid blue lenses



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