Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Celebrities wearing Crazy Halloween Circle Lenses at Halloween

Halloween is swiftly approaching and this is what making us excited. Every year Halloween brings along scary faces with numerous witches, ghouls, ghosts and zombies etc. However; it’s not only the evil that spreads on skies but also the celebrities. Celebrities love the Halloween transformation; since this way they are less likely to be recognized. To make their costumes realistic; celebrities have also been using crazy circle lenses and Halloween circle lenses in parties thrown at them.

Halloween contact lenses are an ideal way to completely mask your original eyes. Crazy and Halloween circle lenses tend to alter the way your eyes appear by adding special effects into them. These crazy Halloween circle lenses are therefore often regarded as “Special Effects or Theatrical Contact Lenses”. Crazy Halloween circle lenses are opaque- so they are best suitable for both dark and light eyes. Using crazy Halloween circle lenses with Halloween makeup; one can create an ensemble Halloween outfit before heading to the thrilling gathering of that scary night.

Let us have a look how celebrities have been spicing up their Halloween in past years. We will be treating you by revealing the crazy Halloween circle lenses they have transformed their eyes with.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry once transformed herself into a skeleton lady with all her face painted. She used Phantasee Crazy Lens Grey Grim Reaper crazy Halloween circle lenses to achieve this scariest look of her life. Don’t you think her Halloween costume is compelling enough? Katy had fun going incognito at the Halloween party by altering her eyes with crazy Halloween circle lenses and by her un-paralleled Halloween makeup technique.

Fiona Stiles

Makeup artist Fiona stiles created this Dio de los Muertos-inspired look with Dolly Eye Bubble Grey crazy Halloween circle lenses. The ample dark circles around her eyes add even more fear factor to her eyes hidden beneath crazy Halloween circle lenses.

Stephan Gan

Stephan went crazy with Crazy Cat Eye Halloween circle lenses. She got herself into the costume of a “Thunder Cat” with her body painted as a leopard.

Heidi Klum

Who else can be so daring than Heidi? Heidi is always a surprise for her fans. Wearing GEO Crazy Halloween Lens-Orange Eye circle lenses; she chose to stand out in the crowd of stars. Being “Visible Woman”; giving the impression of naked flesh and muscles she had a roar at Halloween!

Evan Ross
Evan Ross- son of singer Diana Ross got into spooky action with creepy Halloween Lizard eye crazy circle lenses. In the photo above; she is seen with her girlfriend Cora Skinner with her face painted as a skeleton lady.

Shenae Grimes

Using GEO Crazy Halloween Lens-Blue Eyes crazy Halloween circle lenses Shenae looked outstanding in “Frankie Stein” costume- one of the character of “Mattel’s Monster”.  Her eyes seem to have the magic played against her pale face and dark hair.

Justin Bieber

Seems Justin is here for a happy Halloween photo shoot after devouring the world. Using Phantasee White Black Sclera Lens Medusa crazy Halloween circle lenses Justin is wearing a zombie makeup look quite successfully. Create Justin’s Zombie makeup look by following this how-to Zombie makeup tutorial and have fun becoming a zombie!

Halloween is all about being scary; other than crazy circle lenses- there is another growing trend of wearing sclera circle lenses in the entertainment industry. The trend is though not so sudden and new but the competition has forced the stockiest to reduce the prices even more. With cheap sclera lenses which was not possible some time back; you can create gruesome looks and enjoy the effects of Halloween circle lenseson your Halloween!

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