Thursday, 26 September 2013

Halloween Circle Lenses : Dolly Eye Ice Melon Blue & Green

Face by Emily's Review:

Since Halloween is approaching; I thought of wearing halloween circle lenses with halloween looks. Uniqso has an awesome collection of Crazy Halloween and Cosplay Lenses. I loved these halloween costume ideas with halloween circle lenses and decided to get into one.

Dolly eye ice melon blue are vibrant and glowing and looked stunning against my green eyes. The pupil size is very big that allows your natural color peep through the lens. The color is not opaque so if you are not using them as an enhancement to your natural eye color; you should expect look a bit unnatural. Therefore; these ice melon series are fit for halloween looks. See how ice melon blue looked against my light green eyes.

On the other hand dolly eye ice green circle lenses are more of my favorite. For a creepy halloween look i did with ice melon green lenses please click heredolly eye ice melon green are also comfortable and very vibrant. I wore them for longer durations as i loved the vibrancy.

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