Saturday, 14 September 2013

Korean Lenses I Dolly Eye Ace Black Korean Lenses

Korean lenses are genuine circle lenses that are known for quality. Korean lenses are manufactured in protected environment and are in compliance with safety standards. Dolly Eye Ace Black Korean Lenses are pure black and are suitable for any wanna be Ulzaang. These pure black korean lenses create a beautiful stunning contrast against fair skin. 

Design:  []

Dolly Eye Ace black korean lenses are simple and plain in design; therefore look very natural and create soft and polite looks. They blend pretty well with original eye color because they do not have any intricate pattern.

Comfort : []

You can easily wear it for some four to five hours. If you need to wear longer use eye drops

Enlargement:  [] 

With 14.5 mm diameter these dolly eye ace black korean lenses create a subtle dolly like enlargement

If you are interested in natural korean lenses for a natural big eye look; then we recommend you buying dolly eye ace black korean lenses. Do not forget to share your feedback and share your pictures with us. Here is a review and real life pictures of dolly eye ace black korean lenses.

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