Thursday, 6 February 2014

Why Do Men Find Women with Big Eyes Attractive?

Though romance is not any science; years of research conducted by “Behavioral Sciences” has revealed that men find those women very attractive who have big eyes. Eyes are considered the most important feature of your face and almost all the cultures are in compliance with this popular belief. You need not to worry as you can also get an illusion of bigger eyes with “big eye circle lenses and contact lenses”.

It has been observed that eyes being the prominent feature of your personality display your hidden inner emotions. Men tend to find women attractive with huge sexy eyes. According to a university research conducted under “Sex Appeal Sciences”; big eyes in combination with fuller lips, small chin and heavy bosom are signs of high estrogen levels. Big eye circle lenses can help you fake your eyes successfully.

This being said men believe that girls blessed with big mind-blowing eyes can express their feelings beautifully. They also believe that women with big eyes and high estrogen level conceive more quickly than girls with ordinary features. This Valentine; you too can attract your men and seduce him for coupling. The secret behind your exotic deep eyes is one and only – “Big eye circle lenses”. Big eye circle lenses let you draw the attention of your man easily whilst you enjoy hypnotizing him.

You don’t need to over-burden your eyes with heavy layers of makeup and mascara. Stay as natural with a pair of big eye circle lenses, some natural eye shadows with few natural strokes of liquid mascara. With big eye circle lenses you have fair chances of conquering his heart and soul.

Getting huge big eyes and highlighting them is not any riddle. Simply try wearing some big eye circle lenses or buy cheap big eye circle lenses in Valentine Promotion at UNIQSO. Now enjoy making memories!


  1. Hello :D ! Wouldn't that be better to find a dude who likes you as a person than who likes you coz you have big eyes (that are actually fake) ;D ?!
    I love circle lenses but tbh my husband doesn't even notice if I'm wearing them or not xD

  2. Hahaha my bf tells me big eyes simply make me look cuter and younger. He is very visually oriented and notices very fine detail things like when I wear lenses. I don't think he minds that they are not real, as long as overall I look nice~~

    Lovely blog dear,
    Would love to keep in touch via IG/GFC, I'll follow back :)
    xoxo, Mango ❤
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