Sunday, 18 August 2013

Halloween 2013 I Halloween Nail Art and Halloween Heels

Halloween is a fun festival. You crack jokes, frighten others, tell scary stories, watch horror movies and visit haunted attractions. The beauty of Halloween increases even more if you are well-prepared for Halloween and this must be reflected from your personality.

You might have decorated your surroundings with Halloween decorations, carved jack-o-lanterns and by lighting bonfires. You might have also spent considerable time and money in deciding your costume for attending several costume parties that pays narrow attention on your costume detailing and accessories. Still when Halloween festival begins; you realize that you have forgetfully ignored some of your major attractions of your Halloween costume. Often times you forget to pay any attention to your shoes and nails as you spend your all energies thinking about your dress and your face makeup.

Below you will find last minute Halloween preparations that are very easy peasy and takes no time. So next time you forget to get Halloween shoes; create a pair yourself.

Look for old heels (preferably black) uselessly lying in your wardrobe or drawer. Make skeleton-toes with a white pencil and finish it off using a silver glitter or gel. Go for acrylic enamel paints.

Paint the heels with Halloween symbols such a spider web, pumpkins, bats, skulls or bones etc.

These Halloween heels will make a great combination with Halloween nail art. Paint your nails all black and using a white nail polish or paint; draw some free hand skulls and you’re ready to go!

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Courtesy: kazmataz& annapar79