Saturday, 3 August 2013

Situation Eye Makeup with Big Eye Contact Lenses

Often times you find yourself stuck in a dilemma when it comes to choosing an eye makeup look. In life you have different situations but often the very same makeup palette to start with. So; how would you decide that which makeup look you should get according to the occasion? Keep in mind using big eye contact lenses could always give you a good start!

At Work I Eye Makeup with Big Eye Contact Lenses

Seriously office is the place where you need to appear decent and elegant. This may be the real tricky situation as you do not want to create a playful look by spreading the colors onto your face and over all eyes like a kid painting a cartoon’s face. Start humble; go for nudes to look simple and natural. Avoid looking overdone. Do not use fake eyelashes at work. Use white pencil at your water line to create a big eye effect.
As for contact lenses; wear natural big eye contact lenses or contacts with enhancement tints.

At an Evening Party I Bold &Bright Big Eye Contact Lenses

For an evening party or a late night date; you are free to get flirtatious and sexy. This can be accomplished either by focusing your eyes or by giving an extra pout to your lips. Go for bright shades for both lips and eyes. Apply glitters and rhinestones- Be as creative as you can to preserve those very special moments. Using big eye contact lenses in bright shades along with heavy false lashes and bright colors will really spark-up the sensuality of your occasion!

At Shopping I Simple Big Eye Contact Lenses

When you are shopping at mall; you do not want every other salesman and passers-by to stare at you with wide strange eyes. Therefore; always apply medium makeup on your eyes and face. Line your eyes with an eye liner or apply white pencil at waterline and wear simple big eye contact lenses. Big eye contact lenses with simple and natural pattern but with huge enlargements will strike an immediate change to accomplish you a look you crave for!

 Everyday Makeup Look I Right Kind of Big Eye Contact Lenses

Everyday makeup look should be simple yet very gorgeous. You can start by choosing right kind of big eye contact lenses that suit your skin tone and complement your overall appearance. Keep your eye makeup simple and try creating bright eyes using bright eye shadows. For a fine and neat look; rim your eyes with kohl and pat peachy blusher for freshly-flushed cheeks.

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