Saturday, 3 August 2013

Japanese Barbie Look with Big Circle Lenses

Makeup look by one of our  talented blogger with big brown circle lenses, I.Fairy Cara Brown.

The most important is use a brown circle lens.For a natural and big eye. You will love this model too!!! Lets see how do this look. Is very easy!

1- Apply a eyeshadow in brown in whole eyelid.

2- Blend.

3- Apply a red eyeshadow in your upper lashline (like a cat eyeliner) look.

4- Use the same red this way.

5- Use a dark eyeshadow in your lower lashline.

6- Use a liquid eyeliner in black in your upper lashline.

7- Apply a reddish blush.

8- Use a rose or nudy lipgloss.

9- Use a red lipstick in the center (for a gradient look).

10- Dont forget put black mascara in your lashes and fill and shape your eyebrow with brown eyeshadow.

And Voilà! Finish Look.

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