Monday, 6 May 2013

20mm-Biggest Diameter Circle Lenses

Gone are the days; when the biggest diameter available in big eye circle lenses was 17-18mm. Now; we proudly bring you the biggest available diameter of 20mm in big eye circle lenses for transforming your look.

These 20mm big eye lenses stand up to the promise they make. The enlargement effect is similar to the dolly eye look; which is exemplary. These 20mm big eye lenses will amazingly enlarge your eyes with unmatchable color gradation. Available in all the most anticipated colors; 20mm big eye lenses are screaming for your attention.

20mm big eye lenses can now be ordered in blue, green, grey, brown, red, pink and violet just at a price tag of $25.90. The three tones of 20mm big eye lenses are the specialty of our EOS biggest diameter circle lenses.

Since circle lenses with bigger diameter tend to get dry quickly; we recommend using quality eye drops. Rohto C cube eye drops ensure 3Cs- Clear, care and comfort. Wearing big eye circle lenses can cause strain on eyes including irritation and dryness. With these Rohto C Cube eye drops; you can not only moisturize your eyes but provide them ultimate comfort!

Enjoy the super kawaii look with 20mm big eye lenses. Our experience with circle lenses tells us that an unforgettable date’s secret is the big dolly eyekawaii look. Create one with 20mm big eye lenses and big eyes makeup accessories.

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