Friday, 18 January 2013

How to Apply False Eyelashes like a Pro?

Do you spend hours in applying false eyelashes, and still have them falling off? Do you find yourself in trouble when your false eyelashes slip down at awkward moments in gatherings or make others laugh at you because of your weirdly stuck false eyelashes? Do not let others make fun of you, learn how to apply false eyelashes in the best possible way here:

  1. First select your favorite pair of false eyelashes. Measure and compare the length of false eye lashes’ strip with your eye. Shorten it by cutting the strips if needed. This will avoid drooping and poking ends.
  2. Take the ends of the false lashes’ strip and curve them into a C in accordance with your eye shape. This will mold false eyelashes into your eye shape and will stay on your eyes for longer durations without being lifted up.
  3. Do not only rely on the gum of false eyelashes’ strip. Choose high quality eyelash glue instead to avoid embarrassments. Take out some glue on a cotton swab and apply it on the whole strip of false eyelashes. Wipe out the extra bits but be generous at the ends of the lash strips.
  4. Blow some air on the glue for roughly 15 seconds. Stick the strips of false eye lashes exactly on your lash line over your natural lashes. The glue is clear when dries, so no need to fuss.
  5. Apply mascara over false eyelashes and bat your eyes to check that you have finished off the process without any flaws.
  6. Fill out the gaps between your natural lashes and false eyelashes with the help of eyeliner.

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