Friday, 14 December 2012

Adorable Big Eyes: By Using Etude House Makeup

Women despite of age, race or cultural differences wish to have big adorable eyes. Most of them spend a big time in setting a hot look to their eyes. Still they fail to achieve the look they are targeting for. With the tips and tricks that came forward from the UNIQSO experts, you can now make your eyes stunning successfully. Create enlargement in your eyes by using Etude House big eye accessories.

  1. Cleanse off and moisturize the whole face.
  2. Stencil your brows by applying a beige pencil to color over the hairs you wish to remove before tweezing.
  3. Apply mascara in upwards direction always. Use Etude House-66 Big Eye Vitcara #1 Volume.
  4. Create instant dimension in your eyes using the two eye shades from the same color family.
  5. To get doe-eyed appearance focus the color on the centre of the lash line or apply a thick liner at the center and fade it out from the corners and edges.
  6. Line your eyes either with Etude House soft kohl pencils or with a suitable eyeliner.
  7. Overcome the structural flaws in your eyes with the help of Etude House Double eye lid tape.
  8. Experiment with blues. Line your tear duct with cool colors to give your eyes a bright wider look.
  9. Grab a pair of long lashes, or choose one from Etude House lash collection.
  10. Curl your lashes up.
  11. You are now all set to rock a party or be the apple of others’ eyes.

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