Monday, 10 December 2012

Special Discount Barbie Forest Series-$4.90 Only!

Ever wonder how do others get those shining crystals in their eyes? Getting the blinking and sparkling cute big eyes is not a farfetched idea, when you have big eye circle lenses to make you beautiful.

With the Barbie forest series in this month’s promotion, you may select your favorite eye color from our Barbie big eye circle lens range and make yourself adorable. Barbie Forest Series is similar to Geo W8B6 series. These make your eyes appear super large yet they are comfortable in wear.

Barbie Forest Grey

The specialty of these big eye circle lenses is this that they do not give the alien eye look, but only enhances your iris by making them larger. If you want to stay natural, but dream to stand out in the crowd, then Barbie Forest super big eye circle lenses are for you.

Barbie Forest big eye circle lenses have a diameter of 16.50 mm with 38% water content and 8.60 mm base curve. They are sold as per piece and weigh 50 gm. The replacement period is 12 months. Big eye circle lenses of this brand are also available in power from 0 to -7.

Barbie Forest Grey

Barbie forest big eye circle lenses are Korean origin and if you order one, we will take a period of 1-2 days for processing your inquiry. You will get your shipment within 14-20 days.

Do not stay wistful anymore, make your wish, express it and get super crystal shining colorful eyes with big eye circle lenses

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