Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fairy Eye Makeup Using Big Eyes Circle Lenses

Are you bored from your routine make up looks and want to hit a fairy mood? If you are creative enough and love experimenting with make up, then try out fairy eye make up. You will need big eye circle lenses as a necessary requirement along with the other supplies.

Fairies are a creation of human mind’s imagination. As soon as you think of fairy- glitters, shimmers and sparkles dance before your eyes as these all give an idea of fairy dust when combined together. Be a Halloween angel, a fairy in a party, or act as a fairy character of a fairy tale! Just do not forget to get a pair of big eye circle lenses in order to complete your look.

You must follow some basic guidelines before you start with your fairy eye-make up. You must decide which eye look do you want? If you want to look like a divine fairy then go for light colored sparkling big eye circle lenses. On the other hand, you would probably go for darker and brighter shades of red, violet and emerald greens big eye circle lenses for being the part of a Halloween ceremony.

  1. Cleanse your face and moisturize
  2. Apply primer on your eyelids and a light face foundation. Be soft with application
  3. Insert your chosen pair of big eye circle lenses in your eyes
  4. Choose some three-four shimmery eye shadows. Apply glitters in pink, golden or silver. Be creative with your application to make your eyes fairy eyes.
  5. Apply soft pink lip gloss and blush on face!
For a detailed tutorial on fairy eye make up, please make your way to this website and find some stunning fairy eye make up ideas! Also, choose your big eye circle lenses at UNIQSO here.

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