Monday, 3 December 2012

Big Eye Contact Lenses:Get Mermaid Eyes with Kimchi Red Big Eye Circle Lenses

How about getting beautiful Big Mermaid eyes with our collection of big eye circle lenses  One of our sweet blogger has helped us creating the review of Kimchi big eye circle lenses. Read below to find her opinion about this particular lens.

I love how detailed the lenses are and the colors are so pretty. At first they were a bit uncomfortable because I think my eyes were not use to them because they are pretty wide in diameter. They are easy to put on as well as take off. I love the customer service and staff that handles PR. The person I kept in contact with was so nice and sweet. They really gave me a lot of options and was patient while I was trying to choose which lenses I wanted to try because I was pretty picky =) Read Here

Big eyes lenses - Kimchi Mermaid Red

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