Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses: Black Beauties with Green Eyes

Where fair complexion is considered a sign of beauty in South Asian and South East Asian Countries; black people are considered special and lucky in the European Countries. There are famous black celebrities who have light colored eyes. The green, blue and hazel eyes add an untold charm in their personalities that they carry in an enchanting style to capture the hearts of the fans.

Robert Richard

Robert Richard has pale green eyes. You can get pale green eyes with GEO Berry Cessy Green circle lenses

Gerald Kelly

He is a successful comedian and is famous for his pale green eyes. These pale green eyes stand out from his skin tone and make him easily spotted and noticeable everywhere. You can get pale green eyes with Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green circle lenses

George Wilson

Another color that might be an inspiration for dark skin tones is a shade of greyish green. This shade has blending abilities on dark skins and creates mesmerizing honey eyes. If you are fancying the same eyes for yourself; get your hands on Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones Green circle lenses.


Rihanna needs no introduction. She is a singer with unmatchable traits. She is considered seductive in the glam world. Her eyes and her voice are enough to capture your heart and soul. Rihanna has beautiful green eyes with a hazel star-bust. Get Rihanna like eyes with Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green big eye circle lenses.

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy has lovely aqua eyes. Her eye shade is between green and blue. Such double shaded eyes seem to change the color with outfits. Sometimes they look more greenish and sometimes they look more bluish just as the water waves change the colors! You can also get Nicole eyes’ with Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green circle lenses.

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