Thursday, 8 November 2012

Be an Angel with Geo Angel Circle Lens

Circle Lenses have been so famous around the world especially in Asia. Circle Lenses are different than contact lenses as they are thicker in diameter and larger too. This gives eye an illusion of bigger eye ball, making them sparkle and shine more. Now with Geo Angel circle lens, getting bigger eye effect with those vividly angelic looks have become a most-desired look.

Geo Angel circle lenses are available in all angelic, sheer crystal shades including Angel Blue, Angel Green, Angel Violet, Angel Grey and Angel Brown.

If you are extremely fair or pale, Rock- on! Geo Angel is the lens pair you might be looking for. This is best for all the blondes. It creates pure angelic looks when a blonde with smooth, fairy skin wears a stunning pair of Geo Angel.  It gives cute smoldering effect to all the dark skin bearers too.

Geo Angel are lighter in shades, therefore if you have dark eyes; it will not turn your eyes into pure Angel colors. Still a circle lens pair of Geo Angel is worth grabbing. This brand is extremely comfortable to wear with 42% water content and 8.60 base curve.

A little eye makeup with Geo Angel circle lens is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Put your pair of Geo Angel in your eyes and get flattered! Stare in the others’ eyes and mesmerize! It is a win-win game that is yours only & truly!

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