Friday, 9 November 2012

Barbie Luna and Bella- Bringing out a Doll in YOU

Do not you think that Barbie circle lenses are so famous and a hit this season? We are overwhelmed by the response we have been getting at the collection of Barbie lenses. Barbie Luna and Bella bring out a real doll in you.

The special quality of Barbie Luna and Bella is the beauty that lies in their four tones.  The magical illusion, sparkle and the vibrancy given by the Barbie luna and bella is beyond explanation. Barbie circle lens has a huge collection of circle lenses of different varieties.  Happily, we have all of them present in our stock.

Barbie Luna and Bella will turn you into a doll as soon as you insert a pair of any one of both into your eyes. You will be surprised by the cuteness, you will see in the mirror. Barbie Luna is available in blue, brown, grey, green, pink and violet. Whereas Barbie bella, we have in stock for you in all the super hit shades i.e, brown, green, grey andRed!

Barbie luna and bella both are big eye circle lenses with a diameter of 16.20 mm. Base curve of both Barbie luna and bella is 8.60 mm and water content is 42%. If you have darker eyes, prefer choosing shades that match your eye tones. On fairer skins and light eye colors, all the collection of Barbie luna and bella will suit. 

However, if you have dark eye shade, donot worry. Give a try to Barbie luna and bella in brown.

Barbie brand also has three tone lenses in Puffy and Diamond variety along with the four tones collection.
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