Friday, 12 October 2012

Dolly - Eye Circle Lens: Vibrant, Lively and & Seductive!

Trick-o-trick, jack-o’-lantern with fairies, ghosts and witches spreading around, announce the Halloween’s arrival. A complete cosplay-look would be impossible to achieve without giving proper attention to your eyes. Whether you act as a fairy, a witch or simply as a cute dolly, eyes play the most important role in creating magical effects both in your character and personality. Get the perfect look with our Dolly Eye lens collection, this season.

On high-customer demand dolly-eye lens are back in stock. Being smaller in the diameter; that is around 14 mm, dolly-eye lens are admired in South East Asia for the natural-look it gives to the wearer. However they are bright and vibrant, so putting them on will compel everyone to stare at you. They do the seductive job impressively and make your eyes lively and bold.

People try different things with their eyes at Halloween, so how about accepting the challenge with dolly-eye lens? The bright blues, greens, yellows, violets and pinks from dolly-eye lens collection will definitely win the ball for you.

Dolly-eye lens are available in several colors and designs. You may choose a pair in Nudy collection if you want super clear, light but bright eyes or, you may go for Dolly Eye lens in Ariale- if you fancy; diamond-cut designs to wear in your eyes. They are also available in Three tones, Pop C dark, Pop C light and Lathae. Candarae and Georgiae dolly-eye lens would become your ultimate love if you want very intricately designed circle lenses.

Dolly-eye lens weighs 100 gram with 38% water content. They are best for beginners with the most-rated comfort level. They are available for $17.01 to 17.90$ at

Get your magical look, and book a pair today-before they get out of stock again!

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  1. Woww love the looks, each and everyone. specially the first one looks so natural