Monday, 22 October 2012

Magic of Makeup with Circle Lenses

It is an established fact that a pair of circle lenses can bring a dramatic change in one’s looks. Big eyes, deep eyes, anime eyes or crystal clear eyes’ looks are the hit of this season. Makeup with circle lenses may help you, achieving your most-wanted look. Therefore, one must be very careful while applying makeup with circle lenses. Special attention should be given to the eye-makeup alone.

You need to check-out and decide whatcolour circle lenses give you the best look. After making an appropriate color choice of your circle lens, pick-up your makeup box and begin experimenting! Always remember, that make-up has no hard and fast rules. Just notice that which look goes well-blended with your facial features and skin tone. You really can impress your friends by a carefully chosen look of makeup with circle lenses.

People with different schools of thoughts have different ideas for makeup with circle lenses. Some think it is good to wear eye-makeup with circle lenses, whereas the other would like to roam about with no-makeup at all.

Makeup with circle lenses is directly proportional to your craze with cosmetics. If you like wearing make-up go on, but a rule of thumb is to select eye-shades that are different than the color of your circle lens. This will make your eyes pop! If you want to make your eyes appear larger but natural than try applying white pencil on your tear duct. This will give a widening effect to your eyes, yet keeping them natural.

Makeup with circle lenses make eyes more noticeable and lovely. You must use a pair of fake-lashes to get the well-proportioned look. Use wigs, and plumpy lip glosses, to look like a doll.Makeup with circle lenses is also the biggest secret of Ulzzangs.

Do not worry if you have small eyes, just get a bigger eye circle lens- put makeup on and see the magic J