Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Violet Big Eye Circle Lenses: Barbie Gossip Three Tone

" I really love the look of violet circle lenses as I mentioned earlier. They just scream glamorous to me. These lenses are pigmented enough to show up against my dark brown eyes which is always a good thing for us dark eyed beauties and with the three tones it makes a bit more natural looking. The color is subtle from a distance but noticeable.?"

" As I have mentioned before the Barbie lenses are the most comfortable lenses I own currently. I don't have issues with them taking time to "settle" on my eyes which may cause them to have hazy spots or the irritating floating lens syndrome which always happens to only one eye. Especially when I am in a hurry to get ready. I am able to just put them on and apply my makeup which is what I want in a lens. I have worn theses lenses for eight hours with no problems. Probably anything longer than that keep some eye drops handy."

Barbie Gossip 3 Tones Violet

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  1. This blogger has got some real makeup skills, She puts her lenses on so magically! lovely dramatc eyes!!