Sunday, 3 March 2013

AQmore Nail Polishes

AQmore nail polishes and top coats are unique of its kind and provide exemplary application. AQmore is a Taiwan brand, established in 2002 by More Ltd

More labs put forward the health friendly product in the form of water based AQmore nail polishes. They soon become their unique identity. AQmore nail polishes and top coats went viral because of their special formulation that keeps your nails hydrated and protects from being yellow or rough.

Now AQmore has a huge range of nail polishes from light to dark shades and even the funky nail glitters. AQmore nail polishes are water based and peel able; hence removing nail polish is no more a headache. Simply soak your fingers in warm water for 20 seconds and peel it off.

You can try as many shades on your nails in a day as you want! These nail polishes; being water based are free from harmful chemicals such as tourmaline, acetone or formaldehyde. These chemicals are used even by famous brands to increase the wear. However, one must not forget that these chemicals turn your nails dry, brittle and yellow.

If you are a regular user of nail polishes, you should get AQmore nail polishes that are available here for $9.90. 

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