Friday, 29 March 2013

A Deeper Insight to Uniqso & Services

"Uniqso’s website is more professional looking than many lens sites out there, and their business policy is immediately clear. This company is serious. The site is a little different than many out there. On Uniqso, lenses are often bought individually, rather than in pairs. This makes buying replacement lenses and cross-prescriptions easy and convenient.

When I buy from Uniqso, I feel like more than just a customer. I feel like they put effort into my package, which is rewarding and makes me want to go back for more. I had not even bought much- a pair of discounted lenses, earrings, false lashes, and an eyeliner. But they still even wrote my name inside the little Christmas card, making me feel valued, and yes, a little spoiled."

Thank you for this lovely Uniqso testimonial Chantelle


  1. The Packaging I Got was So Pretty & I didnt Even purchase it I had Won the contacts I Loved them when I Opened them too. So I Would Like to say thank you once more. I just can't Seem to say it enough.