Thursday, 28 February 2013

Get Green Circle Lenses at 5% Discount

Green eyes are the most sought color in circle lenses because it is the rarest color of eyes found in human race. It is also assumed that green circle lenses have a tendency to look naturally adorable on almost every eye color. Rather than standing out from your natural eye shade, it blends quite well and enhances the beauty of your eyes.

Green circle lenses are available in different shades of green from nudes to the darkest shade of it. Green circle lenses in three tones and with the dark outer ring beautify your natural eyes and add an enlargement effect. With green circle lenses you definitely have the qualities to attract dozen of gazes!

We have hundreds of green circle lenses available. We also have good news! This is the month of Pisces; therefore to celebrate the month with all fish we have made all green circle lenses available for sale at 5% discount.

You can find natural big eye green circle lenses at uniqso; some of the hot-selling natural big eye green lenses are Dolly Eye Pop C and Dolly Eye Fairy. Whereas if you are looking for extra huge diameter in green circle lenses then Cici Eye Green with 17.2 mm diameter will grab your attention.

We invite you to try our green lenses on a special 5% discount. This is a limited time offer and lasts till 18th of the March, 2013. Why not avail this mouth-watering and tempting discount offer and get some of the famous green lenses like GEO, Barbie, Dolly Eye, and Three Tones?

Btw, how about making your friend’s day by gifting her discount voucher on her birthday? Your Pisces friend will love to have some of the best green circle lenses!

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